Session ID: 104550

Abstract: Whether you've already upgraded to JDE E1 9.2 or not; there are valuable lessons to be learned from the experiences of others; as well as from your own prior implementations and upgrades. In this session I will take you through our journey with JDE E1; from our initial implementation through two upgrades. In sharing our story you will learn how and why we upgrade; manage risk; leverage our own resources; selectively employ outside resource; and use services and products to improve the overall upgrade experience for our business.

Objective 1: Reduce Risk to the Business by Staying Code CurrentLarge upgrades are very disruptive to the business; expensive; time consuming; and the business is negatively affected by the lack of progress on value-add projects.

Objective 2: Increase Functionality and Promote StandardizationDeploy a modern user interface to increase our associates' productivity and promote a positive user experiences with the tools available in 9.2.

Objective 3: Implement a Repeatable and Scalable Testing MethodologyEvaluate and implement a functional testing tool that is intuitive and built specifically for JDE E1 functional testing.