Session ID: 105750

Abstract: Wilbur-Ellis upgraded from 9.0.2 to 9.2 during 2018. Instead of running the project entirely on their own; which is what they did when they upgraded to 9.0.2; they decided to enlist the help of an experienced and specialized Systems Integrator. Wilbur-Ellis's JDE solution is being used by 2;300 user in 3 divisions and 20 countries. As part of their upgrade they identified a 39% reduction in the modified footprint; saving a potential 236 days of effort. The revised footprint of roughly 2;500 objects was then retrofitted on-time and on-budget and supported a seamless transition from object delivery into testing. Quite a success! Oracle Support: Existing version 9.0 support is expiring on Nov. 2018. JD Edwards is the primary transactional system across all three divisions in Wilbur Ellis and from O2C and P2P. Access to new features user overrides; mobility; AIS; Orchetrator.

Objective 1: Complete retrofit within a set timeline providing time of testing and UAT; which included planning and working with our external partners (DWS). Understand how Wilbur-Ellis worked with DWSto reduce the number of modifications to be retrofitted.

Objective 2: Ability to use standard JDE solutions and features like India Localization we moved from a using custom India Localization GST solutions to more standard JDE India localization.

Objective 3: Explain how the project was managed and controlled; particularly focusing on quality assurance and testing.