Innovate by Testing Smarter; a JDE E1 Workshop

1:30 PM–4:30 PM Apr 7, 2019 (US - Central)

CC 3RD FL 302C


Session ID: 110340

Abstract: In this workshop you will spend time looking at the testing performed during every JDE E1 project. You will consider how you might modernize your testing practices. You will see and get hands-on (trial) exposure to products that will allow you to test smarter. Testing smarter facilitates innovation because it will allow you to run more smarter faster and smaller projects.Want to attend this session? Register for it through the Quest COLLABORATE register system. Already registered? Add a workshop by logging into the myConference portal and click on 'Add Options.

Objective 1: Think about how the business impact of each and every change event project informs your plans; including your testing plans

Objective 2: Explore what a catalogue of scripts that reflects the way you have implemented JDE; and automation; can improve the way you run projects and the results that you can expect

Objective 3: Question the role of load and stress testing in a world where JDE might be on premise; in the cloud; or in a hybrid environment