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Abstract: Blockchain for Supply Chain and Manufacturing- A Blessing in disguise? Or, another ill-fated technology experiment. Moving into new technology space has always been a dilemma for conservative Supply Chain Spaces. Are we well informed about Blockchain? Where all we can see the uses of blockchain for Supply Chain, is it only limited to Bitcoins? What is the future of Supply Chain and what it holds for the next generations to come? Can we trust Blockchain to succeed? The real question is what is it, that we are disrupting, what is changing and who should, pay attention and why?

Objective 1: 1. Use Cases of Blockchain in Supply Chain and Manufacturing Space

Objective 2: 2. The Future of Blockchain Technology and where it stands today

Objective 3: 3. what is that we are disrupting, what is changing and who should pay attention and why?

Objective 4: 4. Clarifications about doubts on blockchain expectations vs. reality, so that they can be the change management agents to steer the discussion how it matters and how it is going to impact the day to day business operations?

Objective 5: 5. Blockchain Scale-ability and its Strategic Value

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer