Session ID: 10742

Abstract: As an on premise customer to several EPM products, we hear about the exciting new features that the cloud version offers. However most of these features take a long time to be available on premise or may never be offered on premise. Therefore here are some quick and easy ways to use some of the cloud functionalities on premise. Features to be discussed: 1. Valid intersections 2. Smart Push 3. Allowing end users to update substitution variables 4. Converting smart list items to members All of these functionalities are available on the cloud, however there are methods to make it available on prem as well.

Objective 1: To demonstrate how all four cloud features listed can be used in an on premise application.

Objective 2: To educate EPM administrators and developers of some easy custom modifications that you can do to have enhanced functionality.

Objective 3: To share how we have have overcome some hurdles faced by the company by not having upgraded to the Cloud as of yet.

Audience: Applications End User