Session ID: 110420

Abstract: The office of the future is already here; with increasingly intelligent processes and with capabilities that open entirely new realms of automation and process improvement. How is artificial intelligence already being used in office and business functions; such as those tied to your Oracle JDE; PeopleSoft; EBS; or Cloud systems? What will it affect next?Join the keynote session by Canon; leader in digital imaging solutions; to hear us share our experience with applying AI and machine learning technologies to business and document processes for our clients. With several real-life use case stories; we will show practical examples of challenges that can be solved with smart technologies; benefits and ROI of AI based solutions; and the impressive new possibilities to transform operations; minimize risks; and support business decisions. Join us to see real-life examples of processes powered by AI in Finance & Accounting; Procurement; Quality Control; Service & Support; Legal; and more.

Objective 1: Learn how smart technologies can capture and process documents; mine for information to provide contextual insights and trigger automated workflows.

Objective 2: See how AI and Machine Learning can be used to support decision-making with intelligent recommendations and visibility to business process trends; cycle times and fraud detection. Gain insights into how AI is impacting industry via quality control

Objective 3: Hear insights into the future of business processes; based on the perspectives gathered from our R&D labs; business consultants; and clients embarking on digital transformation.