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Abstract: The automotive company implemented Oracle Application 12.2.5 having business operations in US, UK & China. We have implemented Customer VMI model by defining Consignment Inventory orgs for UK & China. In the Consign Inv Org we have defined each Customer as Sub inventory to manage each customer Min-Max level to generate demand when stock falls below MIN levels. The shipping network between Inv Org & Consign Org allows us to use IR-ISO Process to ship goods. Thus, offering Customer benefits by deferring ownership & payment of on hand material until it is truly consumed. It helps to eliminate multiple Inv Customer Org

Objective 1: Explain Customer VMI Module

Objective 2: How to use Customer VMI with Min-Max Planning

Objective 3: How to eliminate multiple Customer Inventory Orgs

Objective 4: How customers get benefit to pay on goods usage

Objective 5: Customer Inventory On Hand Management

Audience: Functional / User