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Abstract: Hyperion financial applications are often considered as CKA (Critical Key Applications), producing accurate and timely financial reporting for any public company. How to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SEC and other internal / external audit compliance. Auditor(s) requirements for large amount of documentation to pass your Audit. Testing of evidence to ensure that you are in compliant. Secure, backed up and are highly available applications. If you have experienced such a financial audit, you and your IT department will recognize the large amount of time and effort required for this process

Objective 1: Hyperion Financial Applications and Audit requirements

Objective 2: What critical reports can be produced out of Hyperion Shared Services ?

Objective 3: How to comply with Internal / External auditors ?

Objective 4: What changes can be made in order to pass your compliance requirements ?

Objective 5: Best practices and real world examples !!!

Audience: Management