Session ID: 10677

Abstract: Is a Cloud ERP implementation project really different from a legacy on-premise implementation? Aside from the tools and technology, you may think the answer is no, and perhaps it shouldn't be. But the reality is, they are different projects. Tasks, tools, methods, approach, all should be tailored to implementing a Cloud Solution. This session will focus on the potential pitfalls with treating a Cloud project as you would a legacy on-premise implementation, and present the techniques and approach used by the presenter and his teams on over 30 successful Oracle Cloud ERP Implementations.

Objective 1: Highlight key differences between Cloud and On-premise projects

Objective 2: Highlight key tools available in Cloud to make projects easier

Objective 3: Present project approaches and communication techniques to improve the Cloud journey

Objective 4: Present a forum for users to ask questions and get answers to key migration questions

Audience: Project Manager