Session ID: 10678

Abstract: Oracle Databases store massive amounts of business critical data. But when someone says “deeper analysis” or “machine learning”, your first thought is to extract and move data to an analytical platform, right? Wrong! Leave the data where it is. Did you know that Oracle Databases now deliver 60+ machine learning algorithms and statistical functions that are stem celled into the core of the Database? This talk will provide an overview of the library of ML algorithms in the Oracle Database for discovering new insights, making predictions, detecting fraud, finding clusters, performing text mining, time series forecasting and market basket analysis and Python and R integration. Come learn more!

Objective 1: Discuss what is Machine Learning, provide some example use cases and discuss which algorithms do what

Objective 2: Explain the challenges with “traditional” machine learning.

Objective 3: Demonstrate the advantages of “moving the algorithms; not data”.

Objective 4: how quick demonstrations of the SQLDEV’s Oracle Data Miner “drag and drop” UI, R integration with RStudio and ADW’s Oracle Machine Learning notebooks.

Objective 5: Share newest features and road map.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer