APEX Performance Tips & Tricks: Deep Dive into Apex

2:00 PM–3:00 PM Apr 9, 2019 (US - Central)

GH 4TH FL Republic B


Session ID: 10700

Abstract: Apex is strong in Rapid Development which is used by a lot of companies to quickly develop cost efficient business wide solutions. Especially the time-and-cost effectiveness drives IT and business to develop solutions in Apex. But often factors are completely underestimated beforehand - as data and user growth or utilization. This leads quickly into performance issues with the Apex applications. This presentation points out pitfalls in the Apex architecture, development and engine - which could be avoided. Though we demystify Apex and its caching mechanism, show how collections be used and how to plan APEX architecture.

Objective 1: Audience should get an idea how the APEX architecture looks like

Objective 2: Presentations shows how static files like css, JS, PlugIns should be handled

Objective 3: Audience will learn how Apex caching works and what the engine pitfalls are

Objective 4: Audience will learn how to effectively use collections

Objective 5: Presentation will also discuss how AJAX calls should be handled

Audience: Developer