Session ID: 10703

Abstract: With R12.2.5+ Oracle released three simplified HTML user interfaces (UI) in the Logistics area. The Material Workbench UI helps organizations track inventory on hand, while the Simplified Receiving UI allows users to manage inbound receipts and the Shipping Operations UI allows to manage day to day shipments. These modern interfaces are tablet friendly and allow users to perform transactions in a simplified manner with reduced key clicks. Come and explore with me some of the key features of these new modern user interfaces.

Objective 1: To review the key features of the three simplified HTML user interfaces (UI)

Objective 2: To review the changes done to these HTML user interfaces (UI) up to the latest release 12.2.7+

Objective 3: To highlight some of the new features available only through these new HTML user interfaces (UI)

Objective 4: To highlight some of the gaps/issues with these HTML user interfaces (UI)

Audience: Functional / User