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Abstract: MDM & Data Governance are critical to manage enterprise data as an asset. As enterprises transition to Cloud there is an exceptional opportunity to initiate proof of concept with incremental spending to transform and institute MDM & Data Governance. This paper shares how to build strong business case for MDM & Data Governance. It highlights the various enterprise dimensions for soft and hard savings to help you justify and build a affirmative business case for enterprise MDM & Data Governance based on efforts within our company along with best practices business case and key references list.

Objective 1: Understand the need and mandate for enterprise MDM and data governance to manage data as enterprise asset.

Objective 2: Learn how to build a strong business case with incremental spending for MDM and data governance in your organization.

Objective 3: Understand challenges, opportunities and approach to establish enterprise data governance and initiating a enterprise MDM program.

Objective 4: Identify the key components and enterprise dimensions to be considered in building a affirmative business case for MDM.

Objective 5: Educate users, stakeholders and senior management on visible and invisible savings with a robust MDM and data governance program business case.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer