Session ID: 10788

Abstract: There are multiple ways in which organizations support their day to day tasks for achieving their end goal. The most focused one that has a normal tendency to be co-existing with other solutions is reporting (financial statements), etc... How does one go about ensuring that all the data that is captured is eventually appropriately reflected in the reporting package? This is the most challenging task where the accounting team tries to beat the clock to ensure accuracy and completeness. Join the GL SIG in understanding various ways people use disparate tools to report and how they keep these tools in sync.

Objective 1: Understand data capture capability of an ERP system and in-optimal reporting capability challenges

Objective 2: Understand what users are doing to gather the data and create abilities to report and use the data

Objective 3: Understand what options are available for using and reporting from the data captured

Objective 4: Understand the challenges in achieving what is needed in this manner

Objective 5: Understand how to address these challenges

Audience: Functional / User