Session ID: 10834

Abstract: If you are using Oracle Netsuite as a source for Planning & Budgeting Cloud (PBC), you can use Data Management’s built-in adapter to enable a link to Netsuite. There is no need to run a file extract process to prepare a file for data loading. Using Saved Searches in Netsuite, PBC can drill-through to the detail in Netsuite. What is required is a little setup in Data Management. Once configured, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to load data directly from NetSuite and for users drill to detail. Drill to Detail provides users with the ability to review the transactional details in Netsuite that make up a data point in PBC.

Objective 1: Review the setup and configuration necessary in PBC's Data Management tool to connect Oracle Netsuite with Oracle PBC.

Objective 2: Further extend the setup of PBC Data Management by enabling "Drill-Through" to allow drill through from PBC back to Netsuite,

Objective 3: Once configured, discuss the end-user benefits of enabling "Drill Through" when using Smart View, PBC web forms and Financial Reporting.

Audience: Technical