Session ID: 10841

Abstract: “I just don’t know what I ‘don’t know’ about my Oracle product!” Maybe you’ve felt the same. During this session I will provide 5 key habits to increase your Oracle Cloud product IQ by leveraging readily available resources, documentation, free content libraries, blogs, newsletters, events, webcasts, people, training, subscriptions, social media and so much more. Through some of these tips I provide, you will effectively become aware of those things you just “don’t know” yet so that you can stay current on your product knowledge and make sure to gain the most out of your product investment.

Objective 1: Learn key habits to increase Oracle Cloud IQ.

Objective 2: Understand available resources to increase Oracle Cloud knowledge.

Objective 3: Learn how to stay "In-the-Know" about Oracle Cloud products.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer