OAUG Mobile SIG for Enterprises - Collaboration

4:30 PM–5:30 PM Apr 9, 2019 (US - Central)

GH 4TH FL Seguin B


Session ID: 10890

Abstract: Focus of the Mobile Apps for Enterprises Special Interest Group is to spread awareness about Mobile Apps that integrate with Oracle Applications Unlimited and Cloud SaaS. In this forum we will collaborate and discuss some of the rollout Mobile challenges and solutions. This forum will also be a platform for the customers to share their Mobile experience with Oracle and other customers.

Objective 1: Customers get to collaborate and understand new tools or applications

Objective 2: In this forum customers get to share and learn Mobile experiences and challenges

Objective 3: Users get to hear the Oracle's roadmap on Mobile Applications new features.

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer