Session ID: 10920

Abstract: Tampa International Airport is ranked one of the top five airports in the US and serves 21 million passengers. Last year, the airport generated $240M+ in revenues in the middle of a massive $1 billion renovation project. Budgetary management, till now, has been administered exclusively through Excel based models. A transformation was essential. Tampa Airport implemented Expense, Revenue, Workforce & Projects Planning in the Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Cloud Services with multiple complex models delivered in the initial release.

Objective 1: We’ll share our strategies and techniques utilized to execute the business case

Objective 2: Share the foundational efforts that empowered us to drive exceptional outcomes

Objective 3: Discuss key decisions and lessons learned from both the conference room pilot and the overall implementation

Objective 4: Discuss project the outcomes that are enabling our business to access more timely and accurate budget and forecast information

Objective 5: Discuss next steps in our cloud journey

Audience: Project Manager