Session ID: 10975

Abstract: GDPR - the enforcement of the European Union for data protection regulations of personal information from EU residents have a huge impact on personal data stored in an ERP environment like the Oracle EBS. The officially released Data Removal Tool (DRT) from Oracle helps customers to overcome the complex challenge of removing personal data within the EBS. In this session we present how Carglass®, the German market leader in replacing and repairing windshields, leveraged and extended Oracle's DRT solution to even delete personal data from custom tables, special party types and customizations within the EBS.

Objective 1: Explain the Oracle Data Removal Tool to the audience

Objective 2: Audience should get an idea about the limitations of the data removal tool

Objective 3: Audience will learn how to extend data removal tool

Objective 4: Audience will learn about GDPR in general

Audience: Management