Session ID: 11033

Abstract: Pandas Library forms a core component of python data science packages. Open sourced in 2008 has revolutionized data analysis/manipulation operations for numerical and time series data. In this paper we will demonstrate ease of Pandas ability to perform sql like operations and more without a need for database. Pandas can also connect to various database technologies like Oracle, Microsoft, No-SQL..etc. Share how pandas is used for production functional/technical support from creating extracts and analyze data for known exceptions without any production deployment of code. _

Objective 1: Demo powerful concept of treating in memory data like you would a sql table.

Objective 2: SQL like Operations in Pandas & ability to connect to various database technologies (Oracle , Microsoft, Mongodb..)

Objective 3: Advanced Grouping, aggregating and pivoting data beyond scope of what sql can achieve

Objective 4: Plotting using Pandas and Jupyter notebooks

Objective 5: Routine Oracle ERP Functional & Technical Tasks performed.

Audience: Technical