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Abstract: How often does your Finance department get inundated in a mound of Excel workbooks, printed schedules, e-mail, and post-it notes? It can become overwhelming very quickly, with a guarantee to repeat in the following month and beyond. Close Manager is a well-kept secret to many in Accounting, FPA, Treasury, Tax and throughout your business. It can be configured in a matter of days and weeks, integrated (currently part of the FCCS module) with downstream systems inside and outside of the Oracle EPM Cloud Suite, and provides a centralized workflow that will transform the way you managed your Finance Close process.

Objective 1: Key features of Close Manager

Objective 2: Visibility throughout the organization

Objective 3: Issues with managing the Close lifecycle

Objective 4: Direct integration with your artifacts (embedded within the tasks)

Objective 5: Audit Trail to maintain compliance at your fingertips

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer