Session ID: 11058

Abstract: Are ERP Cloud implementations really that unique? Can we learn from the good, bad, and ugly of E-Business Suite Implementations? In this presentation, we’ll look at what it takes to have a successful implementation for the ERP Cloud (Fusion) Applications – from an auditor’s perspective and from a guy that’s been in the E-Business Suite space for 20+ years.

Objective 1: Identify the key differences between an on-prem and a Cloud application implementation

Objective 2: Present the key controls that are necessary to implement before going live

Objective 3: Discuss pros and cons in role design – to customize roles or to use seeded roles – and why

Objective 4: Consider the most common unmitigated risks upon ‘go live’ for ERP Cloud implementations

Objective 5: Review the importance of a separate Security and Controls track, separate from your system integrator

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer