Session ID: 11109

Abstract: Cloud continues to grow exponentially. This presentation targets on premise, Oracle EBS customers. We break down what cloud is and review the advantages and potential drawbacks of public, private, and hybrid offerings. We’ll cover what is really going on with Oracle EBS customers. If you are considering re-implementing onto the Oracle SaaS cloud, you’ll need to understand the impacts, what happens to your customizations, and why you will also need PaaS for your extensions. We’ll talk strategy, road maps, what the outlook is for EBS on-premise systems, and how people start if they want to just try the cloud.

Objective 1: Define what the “cloud” is and cover the various offerings and cloud basics

Objective 2: Explore advantages and potential pitfalls from an operational and financial standpoint

Objective 3: Discuss how Oracle SaaS Cloud differs from EBS and how you will need to accommodate the changes

Objective 4: Provide insight and things to consider (and be aware of) when considering the cloud

Objective 5: Cover strategies for getting started with the cloud in a safe and structured approach

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer