Session ID: 11110

Abstract: The R12.2 Upgrade is much less invasive than the 11i to R12 upgrade but it will require your DBA to re-learn how they patch. Also, updated code standards may cause developers to remediate custom code. Luckily, there are useful tools, scripts, and information sources available to assist with this project. We’ll show you where to find them. There are functional enhancements, particularly in Procurement, Human Resources and Order management. We’ll cover methodology that can be used for any upgrade project, review key support dates, share lessons learned, and even talk about the impact of the Cloud on upgrades.

Objective 1: Discuss what is different about R12.2 (mainly technical) and how to prepare to run a successful upgrade

Objective 2: Provide useful information sources on tools, scripts, and enhancements and show where to locate them

Objective 3: Present proven methodology and tips on how to successfully manage upgrade challenges for any type of upgrade

Objective 4: Cover how the Cloud can impact your upgrade decision and where it may be beneficial to your project

Objective 5: Supply attendees with a good overview of what is happening in an upgrade and how to deliver a successful project

Audience: User Accounts, Help Desk, Trainer