Session ID: 11126

Abstract: Presenting to share the lessons being learned on existence on Oracle Cloud with multiple integrations. Being in an integrated environment requires diligent monitoring and support to not just Cloud applications but the boundary systems as well. Ensuring data quality, integrity and completeness is a challenge. Accurate reporting would highly depend on the source data quality and detail. Support challenges are posed as resources with multiple skills sets are needed. Setting a process in place for change and release management must always ensure end to end approach.

Objective 1: Cloud Integrations – The how , what where story of Save A Lot

Objective 2: Maintaining an Integrating Architecture -what is needed to support

Objective 3: Advantages/Disadvantages of Highly integrated environment

Objective 4: Save A Lot lessons in going live on Cloud with Integrations

Objective 5: Planning for the Road Ahead

Audience: Technical