Session ID: 11224

Abstract: In a Shared Service model, CashApp (Receipt Application to Transactions) is generally a daunting task for Receivables department. Moreover, in a transaction intensive environment, Cash is received in different ways (ACHs, Wires, Checks) and Remittances are also received in many forms (email, spreadsheets, EDI, Lockbox etc) using different references for transactions. In this session, we'll discuss automation techniques to streamline the CashApp process with minimal user intervention. We will also discuss a CashApp Automation Success Story for an Automotive & Industrial Mfg Supplier.

Objective 1: Learn Automation techniques for CashApp process in a transaction intensive environment in both EBS and Cloud environment

Objective 2: Learn Receivables Best Practices related to Receipt Application processes

Objective 3: Learn how to reduce manual, monotonous and error prone processes and optimize your Receivables team

Audience: Management