Session ID: 11249

Abstract: Design and coding choices made by technical resources used on a project can have a long lasting effect upon an EBS implementation and future support. Typical technical resource strategies and life cycle approaches often lead to poor solutions that require expensive rework. Based upon over 50 years of experience in the EBS technical space, this presentation will take a look into the unfortunate realities of what often occurs in the technical development realm of EBS implementations. The session will whimsically present a number of real life examples of costly and disastrous design and coding decisions.

Objective 1: Review the real life project impact of poor design and coding choices.

Objective 2: Humorously present real life coding examples.

Objective 3: Compare & contrast the wide variety of problematic coding styles encountered in real life projects.

Objective 4: Discuss practical project life cycle technical principles

Objective 5: Question and Answer session.

Audience: Technical