Session ID: 11257

Abstract: The announcement at OpenWorld 2018 that E-Business Suite is moving into a “Continuous Innovation” model changes the way companies approach their ERP strategy. Because updates to the technical stack have been uncoupled from the applications upgrade, EBS 12.2.x will be the last upgrade that you will ever do. This frees companies to explore modernization and cloud options in a way that they were unable to do before. Join us as we discuss EBS modernization opportunities for your business including exciting new features, the Enterprise Command Centers, and migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Objective 1: Discuss the new EBS "Continuous Innovation" model and its impact on business

Objective 2: Explore how this change impacts a companies EBS roadmap and the options available

Objective 3: Highlight exciting new EBS features including the Enterprise Command Centers

Objective 4: Showcase the EBS lift-and-shift to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its place in a modern EBS roadmap

Audience: Technical