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Abstract: This Presentation outline is to design, install, and test the functionality of an entire implementation of the Oracle product OVM (Oracle Virtual Machine). Audience will learn about the four V's: Viability, Value, Versatility and Vision; these four tenants cover the full spectrum of issues mostly everyone will face when virtualizing Oracle on Oracle Virtual Machine. Building upon this foundation, deliver a practical set of technical and business best practices for compute, networking and storage topics, which are presented in detail. You'll learn how to plan for, install and properly optimize Oracle.

Objective 1: Oracle VM is an essential component in the never-ending quest to reduce cost and increase performance through virtualization. While the Oracle VM documentation is thorough and complete, we did encounter peripheral issues, listed here, that cost us time to undo. Our ultimate goal was eventually achieved with results exceeding our expectations. By taking note of the few gotchas we list here, we hope to make your efforts even more successful and pleasant.

Objective 2: An insight from application management perspective tip, it is critical that we have a high-performance IT infrastructure that can efficiently and reliably accommodate customers business requirements.

Objective 3: There are some gotchas which can complicate an installation despite assiduous attention to the installation and migration instructions.While it is critical to follow the guides that are provided, certain configuration issues must also be taken into account and considered.

Objective 4: This presentation has been crafted to include subject matter that is pertinent to not only each level of an application stack but also to each professional discipline.

Objective 5: In addition, there are discussion and tips on how to plan for properly license Oracle to fit your business needs to ensure you get maximum value out of your investment.

Audience: Technical