Session ID: 106530

Abstract: Consumers are exposed to AI every day. From Netflix recommendations to Google Maps routes; these uncannily accurate predictions are powered by machine learning algorithms and predictive models. This type of analytics can help companies run their businesses better; too. To address this need; an innovative trend called augmented analytics has emerged to extend human intuition with computer-generated; data-driven insights. This new paradigm uses automated machine-learning algorithms and models to augment human intelligence throughout the full data analysis and decision-making process. Learn how leading BI tools incorporate built-in machine learning capabilities that can be seamlessly integrated with JD Edwards. In this demo-filled glimpse into the future of analytics; we will illustrate some of the unbiased insights that can be gained from a common JDE infrastructure with AI-enabled advanced analytics; natural-language query and generation; and smart data visualization.

Objective 1: Gain an understanding of the machine-learning capabilities already built-in to common BI platforms

Objective 2: Discuss the benefits and applications of AI and machine learning using JD Edwards data

Objective 3: Demo of augmented analytics in action using JDE data and use cases