Managing Application Security When Moving to the Cloud

8:00 AM–9:00 AM Apr 11, 2019 (US - Central)

CC 3RD FL 302C


Session ID: 104700

Abstract: Every attendee at InFocus is debating a move to the Cloud. They are either considering moving JDE to Oracle Tech Infrastructure or some other service such as AWS. Or they are looking at cloud-based edge solutions to integrate to JDE. And finally; some are considering the cost vs benefit of moving from JDE to Oracle ERP Cloud in some form or fashion. This session will cover all three (3) of those scenarios; the pros and cons of the move; and how to manage application security regardless of what strategy is adopted.

Objective 1: Able to analyze and assess the pros and cons for the three (3) cloud options available to JDE users move JDE to a hosted Oracle solution or other; add SAAS edge solution to JDE; or move to Oracle ERP Cloud.

Objective 2: View and discuss results from auditing firm studies; fresh with 2018 reports; the application risks all firms are facing or will face in 2018. The statistics are daunting and JDE users need to be prepared..

Objective 3: Most JDE users handle CNC responsibilities internally or through managed services; but application security is often overlooked. Hear the metrics; the options; and some recommendations.