Session ID: 104440

Abstract: User-Defined Objects (UDOs) is the newest term for existing UI configuration like Grid Formats; CafeOne; and E1 Pages; but also encompasses newer; emerging technologies like Form Personalization and Orchestrator. But in order for 'U' to 'DO' - you have to know where to start; and you have to have access. Let's explore where UDOs live; how you work with them (hello; Web OMW!); their unique security; and what setup is required to begin. Consider this session your pre-requisite for all those Orchestrator; Composed Pages; and Form Personalization sessions on your agenda; and get the foundation and setup out of the way so YOU can start DO-ing. Bonus checklist included! Presented by EmeraldCube; a Syntax Company.

Objective 1: Review the various UDOs - purpose; location; special considerations; etc.

Objective 2: Walk through UDO security setup and other setup requirements

Objective 3: Work with Web OMW; transfer rules; how to reserve/edit/publish