Session ID: 107280

Abstract: Taking the step to get to the cloud is one thing; but what do you do when you get there? How do you make it all work together? That is they trick. With so many systems and processes that seem to work independent of one another; the key is to build an architecture that aligns all HR systems and processes in a way that optimizes business performance. Upgrading the system is not enough-It also requires aligning and optimizing processes that can reduce administrative burdens; improve efficiencies; save time and contribute to the bottom line. It is often unclear how to build a roadmap that connects these systems in a way that makes sense or that easily works together. In this session; Dr. Larson will demonstrate how one company created such an architecture to consolidate several systems with HCM Cloud and Taleo. Accompanied by Mario Orellana from ArcLight Consulting; this session will identify ways to align systems; streamline processes; and improve business performance

Objective 1: Connect HCM Cloud Solutions to Business NeedsThe first step is to identify the needs of the business and then connect the right HCM module to that need. As solutions are identified; steps can be taken to align efforts in the business.

Objective 2: Identify Business Processes and Align to HCM/Taleo NeedsThe second step is to identify current processes; evaluate effectiveness compared to best practices; plan necessary changes to improve; and then implement changes.

Objective 3: Optimize Business Solutions with HCM Cloud/TaleoThe final step is to demonstrate how to connect business processes with the right HCM solution and then align those solutions to optimize output by employees and the business.