Session ID: 102540

Abstract: Unlike with EBusiness Suite; JD Edwards and PeopleSoft; direct customizations to Oracle SaaS is not allowed. Instead; companies may utilize Oracle Cloud Platform to deliver custom extensions to Oracle SaaS; without compromising SaaS upgrades. Come to this session to learn the top platform extensions delivered by our customers with Oracle ERP/SCM/HCM and CX Cloud. Discover common best practices for SaaS extensions versus the traditional on-premise application customization approach. Learn how some of our customers have used PaaS to successfully move their customizations to Oracle Cloud

Objective 1: Learn about 'platform extensions' in the context of Oracle SaaS; in contrast to On-Premise 'customizations'

Objective 2: Learn about real and vetted 'SaaS extension' use cases from our customers

Objective 3: Learn common best practices for developing and rolling out similar extensions with your Oracle SaaS projects; Leave with 'SaaS extension' ideas to apply to your own SaaS journey.