ELCARO - Citizens Inc. SaaS Cloud Transformation

4:30 PM–5:30 PM Apr 10, 2019 (US - Central)

CC 3RD FL 302A


Session ID: 100640

Abstract: Come & hear a true SaaS Cloud Transformational story from the Executive Sponsors of Citizens Inc and BIAS Corporation - an Oracle Platinum Partner. Citizens - an insurance holding company based out of Austin Texas - was working with a dated mainframe system; no budgeting or reconciliation platform; and heavily relied upon manual processes & Excel for much of their financial operations and reporting. This led to long processing times and impacted their overall financial close. Citizens planned their transformational journey focused on achieving four main goals: 1. Streamline financial processing 2. Improve internal controls & reconciliation processing 3. Decrease the Business reliability on IT. Oracle & BIAS worked together to design a tailored strategy proving to Citizens that not only was Oracle ERP; EPM & HCM Cloud the right solution for them; but it was also very affordable; configurable and can be implemented using a faster; modern approach.

Objective 1: Learn how Citizens was able to cut their processing times in half

Objective 2: Learn about the BIAS Solution driven approach & their proven Transform to Cloud Toolkit for a faster; cheaper; risk averse implementation

Objective 3: Discuss key considerations of SaaS Cloud; lessons learned and how to start your Journey to the Cloud