Session ID: 104750

Abstract: V/Line is Australia's largest regional public transport operator; running more than 2;000 train services each week. It also maintains 3;520 kilometers of rail track and freight rail services. Given the extent of V/Line's operations; the company generates significant volumes of data. Therefore; it is essential to arm users with key real-time information. It is equally as important to convert raw data into a user friendly; digestible format. To complete the trifecta of user empowerment; it is imperative to implement an on-demand report delivery system that meets the needs of individual users without having them succumb to reporting fatigue. Join Michael Perry; Systems Manager ERP; as he lays out a strategy for incremental business changes that led to the creation of the gold standard solution combining a third party reporting tool with Microsoft technologies thus ensuring V/Line's ongoing readiness for the demands of the 21st century.

Objective 1: Showcase the usage of Microsoft Teams to set user preferences and increase process efficiency

Objective 2: Highlight the role of automation in providing on-demand report delivery