Session ID: 109800

Abstract: Setting up highly available architectures for your Oracle applications like EBS; JDE and PeopleSoft used to be difficult and expensive. But moving them to the cloud - specifically Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - allows you to easily take advantage of the natural redundancies this new IaaS platform offers you. In this session you will learn how easy it is to deploy your apps in a highly available configuration - distributed across Availability Domains that are fault tolerant against any imaginable catastrophe and replicated across geographic regions. You'll also learn how cost effective these solutions are. DR and HA configurations no longer need to break the bank!

Objective 1: Learn about the fundamental primitives in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that allow customers to create Highly Available architectures quickly and easily

Objective 2: See specific examples of how to deploy EBS; JDE and PeopleSoft across OCI's Availability Domains and Regions.

Objective 3: Understand how surprisingly cost effective it is to deploy your apps in fault tolerant and geo-redundant configurations