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Abstract: It's a lofty goal - implementing ERP software out of the box without customizations. Customizing software is challenging - it's expensive; difficult to maintain; provides a significant barrier to staying code current; and should be considered only as your last resort. But there's a logical approach to use when you think you need to customize JD Edwards to meet your business needs. Hear about other options to consider before you decide to customize and learn how JD Edwards can help you reach your goal of getting to vanilla.Before you log that SR requesting a new filter field; additional attributes on a form; or simplifying the steps to complete a transaction or task; consider adopting JD Edwards UX One. UX One includes User Defined Object Types such as Form Personalization; Form Extension; Notifications; and Orchestrator to enable to fulfill these requests your way; when you need it; without customizations.

Objective 1: What are User Defined Object Types such as Form Personalization and Form Extensions.

Objective 2: How to benefit from Notifications and Orchestrations.