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Abstract: Back to back order process in OCWMS can be achieved using the custom integrations with OTBI. OTBI custom report to extract the sales orders from oracle cloud to OCWMS. Once the sales order is created and the supply is determined with a purchase order, the same is integrated, the purchase order is receipt back to oracle cloud which is a standard Receipt confirmation integration. When the purchase order supply is associated to the sales order, using the custom BI XML schema extract the sales order can be interfaced to OCWMS. This will help the customer to save the cost of maintaining the inventory in the warehouse.

Objective 1: Back to back order process handling in the OCWMS

Objective 2: OTBI customer report to extract the sales order from oracle cloud

Objective 3: Automated back to back order process integration between oracle cloud and OCWMS

Objective 4: Cost savings of inventory management by avoiding unnecessary inventory pileup

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