Session ID: 111390

Abstract: Tolko is a family-owned forestry business headquartered in Vernon; British Columbia. The company has grown steadily over its 60-year history with mills throughout Western Canada. With over 2;700 employees; Tolko has a rapidly growing user base on E1 9.0; with many complex integrations. Adding new modules always took priority for project dollars in the past. JDE Security roles were developed on a project-by-project basis; and ongoing changes managed manually. JDE Security on its own never a ranked top priority. As a private business; there isn't the same external requirement for SOX compliance; or regulated system audits. Over time; security became harder to manage; and potential for excessive access became a concern. Short term approaches to establish a manageable All Door Closed (ADC) model were unsustainable; with jumbo roles becoming ever more difficult to analyze and control.This session will outline Tolko's successful journey to efficiency; SoD & user access controls.

Objective 1: understanding the basics of ADC security model and why it is important.

Objective 2: demonstrate how auditing your security model can show you how to plan remediation

Objective 3: understand the key steps in building a sustainable security model which is responsive to the needs of a rapidly growing business