Session ID: 111510

Abstract: It is impossible to discuss the future of JD Edwards without discussing User Defined Objects (UDOs) and the no-code solutions. If you are like many JD Edwards users; you have probably heard of; and may even be using; functionality like CafeOne and E1 Pages. Perhaps you are using Queries and OneView Reporting; but would like to learn more about the newer features and what they can do for you. Join Cindy Grim from JDEtips to learn all about UDOs; how they have improved; and see real-life examples of how you can use these great new tools at your organization.

Objective 1: What are UDOs? We will demonstrate UDOs and discuss the ease with which they are created; as well as some gotchas you may encounter.

Objective 2: What can UDOs do for me? We will share real-life examples of use cases for UDOs.