Session ID: 111610

Abstract: A must-attend session if you use JDE Inventory; Procurement; or Work Orders!Asset Management Solutions will showcase three of our most popular EnterpriseOne solutions. Customers have asked for these capabilities for yearsnow you can deliver them to your end-users in days.Enhanced Item Search Are your users frustrated searching for Items? Pretty sure you hear complaints about CASE SeNsiTiviTY; abbrvatng wrds due to 30-charctr spc lmts; inability to use multip* wildcar* in the same search field; etc. WO and PO Printing w/Attachments Are your users frustrated attaching Media Objects but not being able to print them? How many hours are spent collating and managing related information that should just print out natively with the WO or PO?Purchase Request Workbench Wish you could choose which Approval Route your Requisition would follow to align purchasing with Cost Centers rather than org chart? Are your managers frustrated they have to re-approve a Requisition?

Objective 1: See some awesome JD Edwards EnterpriseOne utilities that solve the most common complaints of your end-users.

Objective 2: Have something to take back to your Management and say 'You have to see this! All of these solutions will be on the Asset Management Solutions YouTube channel as well!

Objective 3: Hear how Federated Co-Operatives implemented these solutions as part of an Asset-Intensive CAM; Procurement; and Storeroom implementation.