Session ID: 111730

Abstract: This set of hands-on labs will walk you through the process of bringing an existing microservice into a containerized CI/CD pipeline and deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster in the Oracle Cloud. In the first lab; you will use Wercker to define workflows that will build a Docker image from your existing Java source code. The second lab will guide you through provisioning a Kubernetes cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Terraform. Then you will finish up your CI/CD pipeline by configuring Wercker to deploy your microservice into your new Kubernetes cluster. Once your application is up and running; you will explore two ways to release new versions destroy-and-replace and blue/green deployments. Finally; you will extend the application with a serverless function using the Fn Project.Please Note: You must bring your own laptop to participate in this Hands-On Lab. Free Oracle Cloud Trial Account will be provided.

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