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Imagine being able to prove a performance problem is not a database issue. There a few ways to infer the problem resides elsewhere, but it's difficult for people to believe you. But creatively using ASH data and the idle wait event "SQL*Net message from client" we can do this.

For example, suppose a batch process is "taking too long" yet you can not find it in an AWR report, analyzing AWR data or even standard ASH analysis. The combination of enabling ASH to temporarily collect "non active" sessions, step-by-step watching an Oracle session while paying close attention the "SQL*Net message from client" event, we can prove a performance issue resides outside of the database!

In this presentation, I will show you exactly how to do this. I'll start with a quick ASH introduction, what to look for and how to look for it and finally how to interpret the results. You will learn how to look into the unseen world Oracle performance ASH analysis.

Objective 1: The problem of proving poor performance is not a database issue

Objective 2: Understanding the wait event, "SQL*Net message from client" with ASH

Objective 3: How to collect and watch an inactive ASH session, step-by-step

Audience: Mid-Level