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Back by popular demand

It really doesn't matter what career you are pursuing.  What matters is that you want to be good at what you do.   Don't be average in your career, be an expert.  If you want to make more money, have better employement and have people and companies coming  after you.  Do you want be at the top in whatever field or career you choose.   Experts are sought after, highly paid and love the work that they do.

So how do you become an expert?

If you have ever asked that question then this presentation is for you.

1.  Set goals, begin with the end in mind.

2.  Be good at learning

3. Sharpen the saw, take time to sharpen your skills.  If your skills are dull, you won't be successful.   Take time to learn

4. Once you have learned a new skill or have gain some new knowledge, change your paradigm.

    A "paradigm shift" may be thought of as a change from one way of thinking to another.   Change your perspective from that of a student to that of a teacher.    If you really want to know something well, then teach it.   Be a teacher.  Now that is a paradigm shift.


Objective 1: To be an expert follow this simple steps.

Get the details behind this powerful formula for success.

1. Learn it
2. Live it
3. Share it

Learn something new, Live it. Now share what you have learned by teaching i

Objective 2: Case study of learning and then teaching it.

Audience: Mid-Level