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Relational Databases are extremely sophisticated, but their extensive functionality makes it challenging for them to achieve hyperscale. Some have turned to alternative technologies such as key value stores, which exclude most of the functionality of Relational Databases in order to make scaling easier. However, increasingly more people are seeking a solution that achieves extreme scalability without the need to sacrifice data integrity, reliability, security, management and ease of development provided by the Oracle Database.

In this session, we will discuss the different aspects of scalability and outline the key components of a truly scalable architecture. We will describe how over the last two decades Oracle has developed unique technologies and enhanced existing technologies to enable a fully functional relational database that achieves hyperscale.

Objective 1: Understand the basic principles of scalability

Objective 2: Understand the key requirements of a truly scalable architecture

Objective 3: Understand the scalability mechanisms of Oracle database and its journey to a hyperscale architecture

Audience: Introductory