Session ID: 444


Attend this session to understand how Oracle's new Autonomous Database delivers powerful in-database, parallelized machine learning algorithms and the new Oracle Machine Learning Zeppelin based SQL notebooks.   Oracle's machine Learning deliver the fastest way to deliver enterprise-wide predictive analytics. Data analysts can quickly and easily query and explore data sets and build, document, share, automate and deploy machine learning methodologies all running inside the Autonomous Database.

Data analytics team can tackle tougher data-driven problems such as predicting customer behavior, anticipating churn, discovering customer segments, detecting potentially fraudulent activities and performing market basket analysis; all faster and more easily in the Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Come learn how easy it is to incorporate machine learning, predictive analytics and "AI" into your data warehouse projects.


Objective 1: Learn and overview of the Autonomous Database's machine learning features and benefits

Objective 2: Learn about example Oracle Machine Learning notebooks and how to get started

Objective 3: Hear Oracle's machine learning customer success stories

Audience: Mid-Level