Session ID: 549


The ability to keep a disaster recovery site in sync with production, but run at a reduced capacity with the ability to scale up as needed is one of the best use cases for public cloud, but how do you properly plan for complex applications.

 This session includes large, mission critical applications running on Oracle Exadata with successful disaster recovery using Oracle Public Cloud.  Learn how Oracle Cloud Architects utilize an architecture framework to plan implementation and migration for disaster recovery. Topics include RTO and RPO requirements, automation, network, integration and security. See how customers are using public cloud to reduce disaster recovery costs while increasing reliability and recoverability of applications.

Understand the cloud components and technologie used to ensure business continuity for both Oracle and non-Oracle applications. 


Objective 1: Understand how to use the public cloud to create a disaster recovery environment to ensure business continuity.

Objective 2: Learn the replication technologies, security and network considerations required for successful disaster recovery to the public cloud.

Audience: Mid-Level