Session ID: 181


As more and more customer moving to towards Oracle OCI Platform as part of their Enterprise Cloud Journey to consolidate and migration, both custom and packaged application on to Oracle OCI to get reliable performance, stability and High availability for the Business Needs. The session will focus on key things that Customer IT/Administration team need to get familiar with the creation of Oracle tenancy, the assessment that needs to perform before creating compartments, understand the service and components that need to establish before creating Virtual Cloud Networks. Lastly, we will discuss what are the options available to lift add shift OAM/OID within OCI or leverage Oracle Unified Directory or migrate to Oracle Identity Cloud Service for provisioning and managing users on both On-premise and Cloud Environment. 

Objective 1: 1: Things to know before creating your company tenancy name and activating the account.
2: Guide creates compartments based on the user,Roles, and departments involved.
3: Describe different scenario to create VPN, Subnet and firewall rules for

Objective 2: 4: Explain different options to integrate current user/groups from AD to oracle OCI platform.
5: Discuss the options that were implemented for the customers on the Oracle OCI platform.

Audience: Mid-Level