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In this session, Sreevani will discuss a customer use case about how a regional airline (Hop!) adopted Kafka and change data capture for greater operational efficiencies.

 Hop! is a Regional Airline, fully owned by Air France. They offer low-cost flights in France and Europe. Hop! wanted to better make use of its data contained in its variety of applications. Their original architecture included (web) service calls to applications, remote SQL request to fetch data from underlying databases or do batch-based data copying. All approaches were deemed unfavorable due to high load on source systems, too close coupling causing changes to be impossible, data would often by then be stale when copying. This was not a flexible or scalable solution. As a result, Kafka was chosen to decouple applications and send events to the other applications when they occur. 

 Hop! also needed a way to get the data in real-time from sources such as SQL, Oracle and Sybase applications onto Kafka. Instead of adapting all applications to make Kafka requests, they chose to have the database changes trigger Kafka events instead. For that, they needed a database replication technology that offers non-intrusive change data capture on various sources and can deliver them into Kafka. HVR, a real-time data integration technology, was chosen to perform this for its support of log-based capture on a large variety of supported databases and platforms, high performance, and ease of configuration, management, extension.


Attendees will learn:

how they can leverage Kafka and their traditional database applications for optimal business processes

how to integrate data from traditional sources in real-time with other applications using Kafka

how to get events from existing apps onto the Kafka bus


Objective 1: Understand how Kafka can be used to leverage data from traditional source systems

Objective 2: Describe the benefits of log-based change data capture and understand the benefits of this low impact solution for moving data

Objective 3: Examine how an organize leveraged real-time technology to make a lasting impact on its business and employees

Audience: Introductory